Kick start Your Freelance Writing Career: Beyond the Margins Review

Looking for some advice to kick start your freelance writing career? Then you’re in luck!

I recently read another ebook aimed at beginning freelance writers (see my previous review here). Called Beyond the Margins, the book is by professional freelance writer Michael Kwan. This short ebook has five chapters covering:beyond2 2 191x300 Kick start Your Freelance Writing Career: Beyond the Margins Review

  • Preparing to enter the freelance arena
  • Finding work and making some money
  • Managing and expanding your business
  • Dealing with the day to day grind
  • Moving toward greater independence

In other words, it mirrors the stages of the average freelance writer’s career.

Each chapter has several short subsections covering some of the key aspects freelancers have to deal with, including:

  • Treating your writing business like a business
  • Valuing your work and avoiding scams
  • Record keeping
  • Social media marketing
  • Investing in your business
  • Earning passive income

Beyond the Margins effortlessly addresses the practicalities of the freelance life. Sections that stood out for me covered wearing different hats as a freelancer (with a description of those roles), the question of whether you should specialize,  tips on establishing your expertise, questions to ask BEFORE preparing a quote for a client, maintaining your motivation and more. My favorite quote from the book is:

You are in a knowledge based economy. Build up your savings.

Though aimed at writers, the book will also work for freelancers in other fields, since much of the advice is transferable.

Overall, this is a good, no frills guide to the freelance life, and an affordable way to find out what it’s all about. I highly recommend it.

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