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So I’ve been promising myself to start doing writing podcasts. It was one of the technologies I vowed to master this year. I know it’s November (talk about leaving it till the last minute) but I’ve finally started podcasting properly. I did some test runs earlier in the year, which are still sitting on my hard drive (but what are a couple of failed podcasts among friends?)

This time around I’m using Spreaker, recommended to me by Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips and it’s very easy to get started. That has positives and negatives. On the plus side, I actually have two short podcasts (about 8 minutes each) on the site. On the minus side, I have not added any opening music or any of the bells and whistles that you usually get. I am sure they are important, but right now I think it’s more important to actually talk to you โ€“ so that’s what I’ve done.

So far, my fledgling channel has two podcasts to go with posts I’ve written on this blog. They are: Engaging Prospective Writing Clients and Marketing Your Writing in an Hour a Week. If all goes according to plan, you should see the embedded podcast players below:

If not, just click on the links to go to the writing podcasts on Spreaker. I plan to add to the list at regular intervals, with a mix of podcasts to go with popular posts, updates to posts and โ€“ gasp! โ€“ brand new stuff. Let me know what you think โ€“ and please forgive the rough edges. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Sharon, I’ve been considering a Podcast/recording for my e-books. Sometimes people just don’t have time to read. Would Spreaker work for something a little longer?

  2. It’s never to late to begin. What I enjoy about podcasts is the convenience. You can take them with you to the car and or the gym. Its one of things that I like to when I’m stuck in traffic.

  3. I looked at doing podcasts via an online service like Spreaker or Soundcloud but opted to host them on my site only with the Blubrry Powerpress plugin, I created an intro theme that I attach to all my Podcast mp3 files and outtro music as well. I should look at Spreaker more closely though it has some amazing integration features with other services.