Step Away from Your Writing Desk

As a not-so-secret introvert, I love doing everything online. So living thousands of miles away from most of my clients isn’t a big deal. Google Hangouts, Skype and email give us that almost face to face interaction that we all need occasionally. But here’s something even introverts need to accept: if you remain a hermit, […]

Why I Don’t Need to be a Know-It-All Writer

Ask any experienced writer and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you a tale from their newbie days, where they succumbed to the temptation to keep income flowing by taking every writing job offered. That’s a mistake, but it’s something writers often learn the hard way. Here’s a short story from my early days […]

Changing the Culture of Freelance Writing

Editor’s note: I’m a member of the Writer’s Bridge. Its founder, Darrell Laurant, recently sent us an inspirational piece about how the culture of freelance writing could change. I thought it deserved a wider audience, so here it is.  by Darrell Laurant Architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller was once quoted as saying: “You never change […]

The Radical Approach to Building a Guest Post Pitch (Part 2)

(Note. This is part 2 of the two-part series on building a guest post pitch… Building a guest post pitch the radical way, I should say. Make sure to check the first part before consuming this one to get the full picture: LINK. It’s also where we explain why this whole topic matters for freelance […]

The Radical Approach to Building a Guest Post Pitch (Part 1)

Okay, okay, I know, the topic of pitching a guest post has been beaten down so much on the web…so so much that you’re probably thinking “Oh boy! Here we go again.” But I’ve got something unique for you today. First of all, what does it have to do with getting paid to write? Maybe […]

Writer’s Giveaway: Win Free Domain Names with Namecheap!

Update: The winners have been drawn! Announcement to follow soon.  Are you an aspiring writer, in need of a website to promote yourself? If the answer is yes, then why not enter this competition for your chance to win some free domain names. Get Paid to Write Online has  teamed up with Namecheap to offer […]