Dissecting My Slideshare Obsession

Here’s one of my favorite writer peeps and guest posters, Cathy Miller, who has been rocking Slideshare this year. I asked her to share her process here. I admit it. I am a Slideshare junkie. It’s a fairly new addiction, but one I am happy to have. When Sharon asked me to write a guest […]

Top 6 Tips to Market your Writing through Social Media

Ready to start marketing your writing business online? Here’s a beginner’s guide from Emma-Julie Fox of Pitstop Media. Want to land more writing gigs? Have you tried marketing yourself through social media? If not, here’s a list of the top social media marketing strategies that can help you get more writing jobs: 1. Get active […]

Why My Email List Is like a Cactus

I have a confession: I built an email list, but I didn’t do it on purpose. Like many of my marketing endeavours it happened almost by accident. Growing my email list was a bit like raising a cactus – I stuck it in a virtual pot, left it to fend for itself and it turned […]

A Year’s Worth of Writer Marketing Inspiration

Reading Lori Widmer’s latest book was a joy. Called Marketing 365: Daily Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business, the book offers a few hundred marketing tips that anyone could implement. These are all presented in bite-sized chunks and the best way to get started is to riffle through the electronic pages and see what pops […]

Going the Half Hog: Freelance Writing without Marketing – A Review

Spike Wyatt’s book on freelancing grabbed me from the title. ‘Going the Half Hog?’ I asked myself. Did this mean a half hearted approach to freelancing, as opposed to going all out aka the full hog? No, it didn’t. Instead this is a book for those who want to make a part time income or […]