Writer Marketing – How to Focus on Value [2015 Update]

When I started out in freelancing on the web, the conversation was all about price – price per word, price per hour, price per article. That kind of conversation really hurts writers because it places the focus on the wrong aspect of writing (the word count or time count) rather than the right aspect: the […]

Dissecting My Slideshare Obsession

Here’s one of my favorite writer peeps and guest posters, Cathy Miller, who has been rocking Slideshare this year. I asked her to share her process here. I admit it. I am a Slideshare junkie. It’s a fairly new addiction, but one I am happy to have. When Sharon asked me to write a guest […]

Top 6 Tips to Market your Writing through Social Media

Ready to start marketing your writing business online? Here’s a beginner’s guide from Emma-Julie Fox of Pitstop Media. Want to land more writing gigs? Have you tried marketing yourself through social media? If not, here’s a list of the top social media marketing strategies that can help you get more writing jobs: 1. Get active […]

Why My Email List Is like a Cactus

I have a confession: I built an email list, but I didn’t do it on purpose. Like many of my marketing endeavours it happened almost by accident. Growing my email list was a bit like raising a cactus – I stuck it in a virtual pot, left it to fend for itself and it turned […]

A Year’s Worth of Writer Marketing Inspiration

Reading Lori Widmer’s latest book was a joy. Called Marketing 365: Daily Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business, the book offers a few hundred marketing tips that anyone could implement. These are all presented in bite-sized chunks and the best way to get started is to riffle through the electronic pages and see what pops […]

Going the Half Hog: Freelance Writing without Marketing – A Review

Spike Wyatt’s book on freelancing grabbed me from the title. ‘Going the Half Hog?’ I asked myself. Did this mean a half hearted approach to freelancing, as opposed to going all out aka the full hog? No, it didn’t. Instead this is a book for those who want to make a part time income or […]