The Difference Between Adoring And Worshipping Freelance Writing

I really do love Christmas.  It’s the one time of year when everything just seems to work perfectly. Families get together and don’t argue.  We spend more time with friends than at most other times during the year.  There’s the chance to kick back, relax and recharge your batteries.  And (the one thing I’ve done […]

How Many Hours During The Day Do You Spend On Your Freelance Writing Career?

Last week, Carol Tice made a post on her blog about practical tips for freelance writers, from freelance writers and as you’d expect, the post was really informative. Although each point mentioned could be talked about in-depth, the second one that was mentioned in Carol’s list – relating to how much time you spend outside […]

My Writing Business Review

At the start of the year one of the things I decided was that I would review my writing business regularly to help me with planning.  I had already looked at freelancing income in the past and made some decisions based on that; now I was looking ahead. In order to do this I created […]