How Much SEO Knowledge Do You Need To Write SEO Copy?

Just over seven months ago, I wrote my last regular blog post for, after a two and a half year stint as a regular contributor.  Since then, I’ve stayed in contact with Sharon and simply put, I can’t stay away any longer! [Editor’s note: and we’re happy to have you back, Dan!] I’m not […]

New Rules for Online Writers: How Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update Changed the Game – Big Time!

Search giant Google rolled out its Penguin 2.0 algorithmic update on May 22nd of this year (2013). In my opinion, this was one of the biggest shakeups for online writers in a long time. Why? Because what have we heard over and over and over again since practically the beginning of the popularity of search-engine […]

The Versatility Of Freelance Writing – The Key To Your Success

When I first started writing, I simply wanted to do it because I loved writing.  Getting paid for it was just a plus! The more I started writing, the more I realised there were numerous benefits, as well as several different aspects and features that can be utilised to take my career in whichever direction […]

How To Write A Blog Post That’s Going To Attract Visitors And Keep Them Reading

Looking at my last blog post, it seemed like it helped a lot of writers and I want to hopefully do that again today. It might seem like something that’s particularly simple, straightforward and / or obvious to some, but I want to give an insight into how to write a great blog post.  One that’s […]

5 Steps To Getting More Traffic To Your Freelance Writing Website

Every freelance writer wants an active website or blog.  When you’re first starting out, it’s often seen as a sign of competence – if you’re talking about freelance writing (or in fact, any topic) on your website and people are reading and responding, simply put, it makes you feel great. But getting to that point […]

Book Review: SEO Marketing by Brian Belfitt

Today, I’m happy to be reviewing SEO Marketing by Brian Belfitt of BlogEngage. This free ebook (which you get when you sign up for BlogEngage)  has just 27 pages and covers: 1. Introduction to starting your very own blog 2. Hosting and set up 3. Selecting the right theme 4. Setting up your wordpress blog […]