Get Paid to Write Online in 2013

Tis the season to do roundups – so here’s my roundup of what’s happened on Get Paid to Write Online in 2013. Where was everybody? The image shows the distribution of Get Paid to Write Online’s readership – mostly in the US, with quite a few in the UK and India. Most commented posts published […]

Get Paid to Write Online 2012 – My List of Lists

Can you believe there are only a few more days of 2012 left? It’s been another great year on Get Paid to Write Online. Here are some of the highlights. Most Popular Posts Published in 2012 These were the posts published in 2012 that got the most visitor traffic. Stop! You Shouldn’t Become A Freelance […]

We’re On Google+ – Again!

You might have heard talk on the interwebs about the latest new feature of Google+ – Communities. And you probably know how much I like to try out anything shiny and new, web-wise, right? So it won’t be a surprise that there’s now a community on Google+ for Get Paid to Write Online. As well […]

Writing Podcasts from Get Paid to Write Online

So I’ve been promising myself to start doing writing podcasts. It was one of the technologies I vowed to master this year. I know it’s November (talk about leaving it till the last minute) but I’ve finally started podcasting properly. I did some test runs earlier in the year, which are still sitting on my […]

3 Simple Steps To Securing Your First Paid Freelance Writing Job

I’ve been here at for over two years now and I like to think the content I’ve produced has been of use to at least some writers. When I’ve been looking back through the content, however, I’ve noticed that a lot is aimed at writers who are already on the first rung of the […]

Now You See Me … [Video]

Remember last year when I did my first video on Get Paid to Write Online? I said it would be the start of more videos from me – and I meant it, really I did. But what with one thing and another it’s taken me a while to get around to it again. However, I […]