Free Marketing Ebooks

Every month, I take part in the Word Carnival. The Carnival brings together a group of bloggers to discuss issues related to business, marketing and branding. At the end of each carnival, all the participants include their posts in an ebook. I offer these to subscribers each month. Here are the past ebooks in case you missed any. (You can also check out my Word Carnival posts here.)

Close Biz Encounters(coming soon or sign up for my newsletter and get it now!)
Business School of Hard Knocks
The Care and Feeding of your Email List

Quirkology: How to be Brandtastic by Embracing Your Weirder Bits

Market Research: How to Find Out What Your Ideal Customer Really, Really Wants
Biggest Business Lessons Learned of 2011


Barter & Your Business
Your Ideal Customers - How to Find and Connect with Them
Customers and Prospects - How to Engage Online
Your Creative Juices - How to Reconnect