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I love blog-hopping to read what’s on the minds of other freelance writers. I haven’t had much time to do this lately as I’ve had a delectable but filling smorgasbord of work but I have done a bit of reading through my feed reader or links on social media sites that caught my attention. This week I decided to share  some freelance writing posts that have helped me with my writing career this week.

Allena Tapia’s post on Mistakes I’ve Made as a Freelance Writer

It’s important to learn from your mistakes. You can also learn from others’ mistakes. Allena talks about some of the mistakes she’s made. Great post! Learning from my mistakes has definitely helped in my writing career. Even four years after embarking on a full time writing career, I’m still learning from my mistakes. And getting wisdom from the benefit of someone else’s mistakes can help you further your career as well.  Reading about the lives of freelance writers through their blogs was actually how I got my start.

Lori Widmer’s post on Words on the Page: Mind the Gap

Lori’s post deals with gaps in your writing income. Great practical advice here, especially regarding saving money. ! I also relate well to the  “Ask writing friends if they have overflow work” tip as a way to bridge gaps. I’ve done this many times and had writing friends do it as well. For me, at times,  it has brought in fast money, job leads, opportunities to develop new skills, and also resulted in some great recurring gigs.

Freelance Folder – Dave Navarro: 7 Can’t Miss Ways to Kick-Start the Writing Habit

I’ve written before on how to break free of writer’s block and I’ll take as much inspirational advice as I can get from others who’ve experienced it, too. This post is almost 3 years old but the advice and the 200+ comments provide great tips and interesting debate / commentary.

Reading blogs for freelancers by freelancers is a great way to gain knowledge, inspiration, to commiserate, or share in triumphs. Thank you so much for stopping by here to read what we have to say and feel free to comment on any of my posts here on Get Paid to Write Online or The Writer’s Blog to request that I cover a specific topic you’re interested in learning more about or getting an opinion on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I especially enjoyed the posts by Allena and Lori. It is nice to be able to learn from the mistakes of others and hopefully avoid those in my own business (though I’ve made quite a few on my own!).

  2. Dana,

    Thanks for this. I’m due for a blog hop. My blog muse has taken an unexpected (but much deserved, I’m sure) vacation. No date of return. I think a little blog hop may be the ticket!

    .-= George Angus´s last blog ..How To Become A Better Writer In 30 Minutes A Day =-.

  3. Great posts, Dana. I agree Dave Navarro’s is evergreen – so many great tips in the post and the comments that I’m completely fired up to start writing today.
    .-= Tammi Kibler´s last blog ..Writing Career Goals – Plot Your Destination =-.

  4. I love blog hopping as well. I think there’s no better way to learn online, by reading the experiences of others. In fact, everything I’ve learned about how to make money blogging, etc.. I’ve learned by reading information online that others posted.