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The beach is one of my favourite places.

When I first started this blog’s predecessor back in 2005, I knew all my readers. Most of us were just starting our blogging journey and we grew and learned together. One of the great things about blogging is building a community. With thousands of visitors each month and hundreds of feed and newsletter subscribers, I’m sure there are at least a few of you I haven’t met. You already know about me (although you probably don’t know that I’m addicted to word games), so why not tell me about you. I’m inviting you to introduce yourself in the comments thread – tell me who you are and what you do and anything else you care to share about why you’re here.  Can’t wait to meet you. 🙂  (Hat tip to TJ McCue for this idea.)

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Sharon Hurley Hall has been mentoring writers here at Get Paid To Write Online since 2005 to help them improve and build sustainable and successful writing careers. Check me out on Feel free to connect with me online on Google+.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now. Thanks for the invitation to introduce myself.

    I work as an internet researcher for a group of recruiters and am beginning to solicit freelance writing business in the evenings and on the weekends.

    No one that I am acquainted with personally is a freelancer, so it is an entirely new adventure for me. So far, I have a couple of newsletter clients and writing the newsletters is great fun.

    Reading your advice and knowing that you are successfully, independently writing for a living is encouraging. Thanks again.

  2. Hi,
    i don’t always get to check things out, but wanted you to know i do read your info and this is good to know.
    keep blogging! Later G

    saw shout in Rejaw.

  3. I’m here from Google Reader and occasionally disclose snippets about me on my blog.It’ll be interesting to see how many of your anon readers introduce themselves. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  4. Hi! I’m a stay-home Mother of three (ages three and under!)…I formerly worked in TV journalism and “retired” from CNN when I started having babies. Now that I am at home, I have picked up freelance writing jobs from various magazines in Ohio/Pennsylvania. I stumbled on your blog when I was trying to price out a job that I was considering for online work. I will do some back-reading on your blog when I have a little bit more time!

    Jocelyn´s last blog post..We Knew of Him.

  5. Sharon,

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years and appreciate the help you give freelancers.

    I am a novelist—my latest romantic mystery Dream or Destiny is available from as well as the publisher.

    As a freelance writer and editor, I work with businesses and self-publishing authors. I edit the authors’ work, format it for publication, find and contract with a cover designer and printer, and help the author promote online with a Web site and blog.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and learn more about your readers.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    I’ve had quite a few useful tips from your blog, so thanks very much! I’m a freelance writer (for travel sites mostly) and an ESL teacher, and a wanna-be novelist; luckily the travel writing pays the mortgage at the moment and gives me just enough time to get on with the novel stuff. Oh, and I’m way down here in Australia.


    Amanda´s last blog post..Passport pirouette: Trip of a lifetime on the Trans-Siberian

  7. Having kids is often the impetus for a life change, Jocelyn. I know it helped me to make the jump to freelancing. Nice to meet you.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Probably too much info, but here is a list of George Factoids from a recent post:

    * Military brat. Dad moved to the US by accident. On his way to Australia from Edinburgh, he stopped in San Fran and it stuck. He joined the US Air Force in the pipe and drum band.
    * Born in Wash DC in 1961.
    * Moved to Alaska when I was 4. Stayed 4 years then off to New Hampshire with us, followed by a few years in Goose Bay, Labrador; UP Michigan; Taipei, Taiwan; Spokane Washington and ultimately back in Alaska.
    * I was bullied for my entire 7th grade by a jerk named Stephen Bishop.
    * I played trumpet in band.
    * My best memories of school were from Taiwan.
    * I moved to Los Angeles in 1979, went to school for Avionics but never worked in the field.
    * Started working in the Emergency Room at Santa Monica Hospital
    * Eventually went to Paramedic School and got hired by LAFD
    * Took bass guitar lessons for a while, met up with a great “Big Hair” band in the 80’s and worked as their stage manager. Came “this close” to making it. Had a great time and put entirely too much of my earnings up my nose.
    * Moved from So Cal in 1988 ’cause my dad was ill. Back to Alaska with me.
    * Worked for the Alaska Railroad as a brakeman.
    * Worked security on the Alaska Pipeline
    * Got married in 1991 in my parents back yard – Dad performed the ceremony
    * Worked at a chemical munitions disposal plant on Johnston Atoll, 800 miles south of Hawaii
    * Opened and ran a very successful paramedic training program in Alaska
    * Got 2nd place in a literary competition for an EMS trade journal
    * Developed, wrote and named the newsletter for the National Association of EMS Educators
    * Presented at several national conferences
    * Developed a fear of flying – So I became a pilot.
    * Got to fly the MD-11 Simulator at the FedEx facility in Anchorage.
    * Finally had a child in 2003. Madeline Skye Angus. Best thing I ever did in my life. Period.
    * Dad died on Valentines day in 2005
    * Two years ago on the day before my birthday, I found an email from my wife she sent to a co-worker professing her love to him. I moved out of my house on my birthday. We divorced.
    * I’m 48, I live with my girlfriend and have every other week with Maddy. I’m trying to make my living with this writing blogging stuff and I’m not really making it.

    I think that about does it!



    Tumblemoose´s last blog post..Who reads your writing?

  9. Hi Sharon:
    I’ve only recently discovered you and your blog and am very excited. I am a youth services librarian in New Jersey but originally from Jamaica. I love my profession but I also do a little (stress on little) freelance writing which I want/need to increase in the coming year. I have some plans for the future which makes this urgent. I also am working on my memoir… I love to dance, practice yoga, drink wine, and travel. I’m so happy that I’ve found you. Thanks.

    pamela´s last blog post..Me and the Motorcycle

  10. Hi Sharon, I have visited here a few times in the last couple of months, attracted by the blog’s great name on another blogroll :). I am another mom with 3 kids who was in the workplace and is now trying to forge a new career from the “comfort” of home. I do a lot of creative writing [poetry, fiction], some online freelance writing and proofreading. I also am trying to use my writing for progressive social action. I have been writing my blog for over a year now and really like the format I would like to learn more about professional blogging. It is mostly about books, which I love, and my own journey on the writing path.
    Great blog! thanks for all you do to help us all 🙂

    janflora´s last blog post..The answer to “Which book should I read?”

  11. Nice to meet you, Janflora. I also enjoy blogging, which I’ve been doing for a few years now. I’ve been lucky enough to get some professional blogging opportunities. I’ll add a post on that to my to-do list for this blog.

  12. What a really cool idea for your blog! I’ve often wondered about the people who leave comments for me on my blogs; the links they send usually give me some idea but it’s really neat to open it up to learning more.

    So, I first got introduced to your writing through Pureblogging. I was doing weekly posts there and I believe that you were as well although perhaps you just left me a comment there. That’s what led me to this site which I’ve had bookmarked ever since.

    Pureblogging is one of many sites that I’ve worked for over the past several years. I’ve blogged on many different topics for all types of sites. I still enjoy blogging for others but have recently focused a lot more on my own two blogs. Working now on finding the balance between work for personal pleasure and work for pay … hoping to get them ever closer to one another until they are one and the same!

  13. I have been reading this blog for about a year. I am currently a school teacher, but I would love to ditch school and work from home. Thank you for posting information that is giving me the tools I need to make a living as a freelance writer.

  14. Nicole Caverta says:

    I’m so sorry I dropped off the face of the earth but now that I’m back.

  15. hey!! I actually stumbled across this blog,while looking for ways to copyright a novel Im working on. im not even familiar on how this blog thing works…but I’ll give it a whirl lol. My name is Daniel Zeak Im 25 living in Ohio.
    I decided to be a writer,in high school when I realized how many stories where told in one lifetime. Im a bad spellAr so thank good for spell check,but I have amazing imagination..when I sleep with the T.V on I lay there with my eyes closed trying to play the scene out in my head down to ever little detail. I donno if you talk back to me but ill keep in touch with this page haha

  16. Hi,
    I discovered your blog last week and so far I find it encouraging. I started my own blog in January and love blogging. I wish I could get paid for it but so far have not been able to figure it all out. You can learn a lot about me from reading my posts but I will share a few things still:

    ~I am currently unemployed. I had to resign from teaching last month because of health reasons.

    ~My hobbies are numerous and include reading, writing, swimming, going to parks, watching movies, dancing, listening to music, scrapbooking, drawing (badly, I might add), and I am trying to learn how to knit.

    ~I have about 8 favorite books and just as many favorite movies.

    ~I’m 29 and I look much younger. When I went to vote in November, I was asked if I was really 18. They could not believe when I told them my actual age. Last week I was told I looked 17, and the week before that I was told I looked 22 at the most. Meanwhile, my younger sister (by 3 years) was told at a spa that she could ask for a gift card from her kids (she has none, the lady assumed she did, much to the horror of my sister who looks exactly her age.)

    ~With the exception of 2 shows, I don’t watch TV unless I am extremely bored. This has always been an anomaly to my parents who have watched TV nearly every night for the past 30 years.

    ~I love the smell of coconut. Coconut and pineapple is absolute heaven.

    ~I don’t like to eat cake.

    Rebecca´s last blog post..Wondrous Words Wednesday #1

  17. I am reporter, who is not liking her job very much right now, so looking to make the jump into fulltime freelancing.

    I came across your blog, I think nearly a year ago. I was having a rough pregnancy and put on three months of bed rest, so I thought that was good time to look into freelancing and writing online.

    I think my biggest challenge right now is getting my mind to make that jump from a print reporter to online. I just started a blog, writing my fustrations at work and balancing motherhood, but so only have two entries. Ok that is more than enough about me. I don’t like talking about me.

  18. Hi Sharon,

    As you may already know from a comment on a recent post, I just found your blog.

    I’m a writer in Maine (USA) and got my BA in Lit, although I got sidetracked with kids, divorce, needing immediate pay, the usual. I recently decided to get back into writing and am slowly working towards freelancing enough to quit my day job.

    I have PMDD and PTSD, both of which can make it difficult to be around people – so working at home would be ideal for me. And doing something I love and supporting myself with it would be wonderful.

    I love the sensible and easy-going nature of your blog, and will be spending a lot more time here. Thanks for sharing it.


    Sophie Stillwell´s last blog post..How to Save Money on Groceries

  19. Hi Sharon,

    I’ve posted on your blog several times, invited your visit & comments as well:) hope you get to do so soon. Your good advice always inspiring. Will you be inviting guest posts in future as well?


  20. Hi Clara,

    Nice to see you again. I had trouble finding your site and just figured out why – a missing full stop. I will stop by for a visit now that I’ve found it.

  21. Nice to meet you, Sophie, and good luck with working at home. I’m happy to have you as one of my readers.

  22. Hi,

    My name is Ana Oliva, from Barcelona (Spain). I am a journalist and writer. In 2003, I published the Antonio Banderas’ biography “Antonio Banderas: Una vida de cine”.

    It´s a biography authorized by Antonio Banderas. In fact, his collaboration with the book was very thight because we met several times in diferents places in the world to work about the book.

    This blog is very good for me. Now, I am considering publishing in the US, mabye with Lulu o LightningSource.

    Do you have any experience with this platforms??

    Sorry for my english… I would like improve…

    Ana´s last blog post..eBook gratuito sobre la historia del bolígrafo

  23. Hi Sharon & nice to meet you! I ran across you in my “how to write a query letter” search. I’ll be readin’ your writin’ on a regular basis from here on out, you’ve a wealth o’ information for this “get paid to write” wannabe. So far my gettin’ paid to write ventures have been poetic endeavors and a few articles submitted to Associated Content.