Get Paid to Write Online in 2013

Tis the season to do roundups – so here’s my roundup of what’s happened on Get Paid to Write Online in 2013.

Where was everybody?

The image shows the distribution of Get Paid to Write Online’s readership – mostly in the US, with quite a few in the UK and India.

Get Paid to Write Online readership

Most commented posts published this year

Most visited posts this year

Perennial favorites

Top community members

These are the people who have commented most on my posts this year – thanks, guys!

Other interesting facts

  • This year social media sites drove more traffic than direct referrals from other sites.
  • The site that referred the most traffic was Tumblr (where I don’t even have an account) thanks to the massive resharing of the only infographic published on the site this year.
  • Most people searching for the site found with variations of the “get paid to write online” keywords, though a worrying number are still after the image I used in Do You Have All Your Eggs in One Basket.
  • People are still concerned about the best way to put together a writing portfolio, avoiding writing scams and the best apps for writers – we’ve got you covered!

Thanks for reading Get Paid to Write Online this year – and happy holidays!

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  1. Thanks for the link love, darlin’. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Ditto on the link love, Sharon. 🙂 I like to think I am a selective reader who uses my time wisely – like reading posts at Get Paid To Write Online. 🙂 Continued success, Sharon!

  3. Can’t believe I’ve only just seen these comments. Thanks for being here, Lori and Cathy1 🙂

  4. Yay, my article made the list. 🙂 All the best in 2014, Sharon!

  5. Sharon, very nice roundup. Like the cool map and your categories. Gonna check some of them out. First time at your blog; very well done.

  6. Hi,

    I was wondering if I could get some advice from you about writing content for other sites and the ownership you have over that content. A friend of mine runs a website that has a blog associated with it and she wants to use the content on my personal blog on her organizations blog. The posts I write are about my life and things I experience or think about things. I am hoping one day to make my blog into a book, so I wanted to make sure I was going about this the right way.

    My friend already said she would repost the things that I have already published on my blog and said that I would be free to put links to the articles I write for her blog on my own blog. She also said she wants to give me some prompts to write things just specifically for her site alone. This seems legit. I am not signing any kind of contract nor am I being paid (as of right now) to write any of these. I just wanted to get another writer’s opinion about this since this is the first time an organization has asked to publish my writing on their site. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

    Oh and one other thing, is it normal for editors to change your article by taking out one word here and one word there and maybe cutting some sentences, but basically the message of your article stays the same. Are they obligated to run those changes by you or give you last look before they publish it? I was just wondering because that happened with my last article and it was ok, but some changes I wish they wouldn’t have made. Thanks again.


    • Hi Kristan, I’d make sure your name is on the article as the author, preferably linked to your Google+ profile. If you’re not being paid (a bad idea long term, but possibly a good opportunity now), then you need to get credit. The copyright stays with you unless you assign it. If you are writing work specifically for her site that she commissions, be clear on whether this is going to be under your name or hers. If it’s not yours, then you need to get paid.

      Editing is normal, and editors don’t have to check with you. Hope this helps.