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One of the writing blogs I’ve been enjoying recently is Freedom Writing. My feed reader’s been overflowing for some time and I haven’t added any new blogs in a while, but this one keeps coming up, because of the thought provoking posts penned by author Kim Ferrell.

This is a new blog. It’s been live since September 2008 and the first post – which was also the first one that grabbed me, is called Writing Without A Niche. This is her rationale for writing about the various roles which she fulfils, so that this is not just a blog about writing.

One of the interesting series on the blog is Kim’s Zen Koan Writing Series, where she shares the writing lessons she has learned from the Zen Koan stories. I particularly liked If You Love, Love Openly, where Kim urges us to send our writing out to the world.

Writing Builds Community highlights the service that writers provide:

We reach out and communicate via ink on paper (or type on a computer screen.) We inform, enlighten, and entertain our readers. After they have read our words, they are changed. They have benefited from our knowledge and experience. They have become a part of our community.

In January, Freedom Writing looks stronger than ever with some great posts including:

For me this blog is a great mix of writing about writing and writing about other issues relevant to us as freelancers, bloggers, women and people. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Kim posts this year.

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  1. Great review, Sharon. I’m a huge fan of Kim’s blog. She’s definitely on fire – and so very talented! The best thing of all? She doesn’t even realize it! She’s so down-to-earth, humble, and kind. Her e-book is fantabulous, too – love her!


  2. Thank you for the great review Sharon! I’m honored that you chose to review my blog. 🙂

    Michele, you are such a sweetheart! I’m glad you like my writing, and I hope more people become as enthusiastic as you are.


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  3. Aw, thank you for your kind words Kim! 🙂

    Keep shining!


  4. Corey B. says:

    Great site! Tons of great, practical info in regards to writing for a living.

    I will be sure to check back often.


  5. I’m a fan of Kimberlee’s site as well! Great review, Sharon.

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