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I’ve produced a number of series on this blog which I know many of you have found useful. Now I’ve decided to make them available in another format.  I now have PDFs of:

That means you can get all the posts in each series in one handy file which you can print or save.  Feel free to share them with others, provided you link back to this post, don’t edit the content and credit me as the author. There is no charge for downloading them, though if you find them useful, you can always come back and make a contribution to help keep the site going.

(And in case you’re wondering, I created them with Zinepal.)
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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for these. I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger right now but I'll download soon. Your website is so helpful, I know these have to be great!


  2. I'll be sure to look at and download these. Id like to do something like this for my blog posts as well where I turn them into PDF's and offer them to my readers so they can download the and have the post on their desktop. Thanks for the PDF's Sharon.

  3. Hi Sharon. My wife and (along with our two-year-old, who doesn’t know it yet) are beginning to kick the tires on an idea of travelling for a year or two before the little one goes to school.

    It would mean quitting my job a managing editor of two newspapers, but with my writing skills, I figure there’s a way for me to make money while on the road.

    I look forward to visiting your site a lot as we spend the next year or so making plans and hopefully putting them to work.


  4. Glad you like them, everyone. Look out for more of those from me in the future.

  5. GossipSecretaries says:

    Loved your idea about turning your blog posts in an e-zine. Thanks for the free PDF's as well. I found the SEO pdf full of great information and extremely helpful.

  6. Just found your site and must admit I'm already a fan. Getting Paid to Write is very helpful. Just started taking a creative writing class as I'm use to technical writing and it shows in my blog. I plan to stop by often.