Edit and Proofread Your Way to Blogging Success

Editing and proofreading your blog will help you get your message out clearly.

Edit and Proofread Your Way to Blogging Success

Blogs have become popular outlets for getting ideas and thoughts into the public sector. Blogs are used for instruction, advice, marketing, and creative endeavors. There are a number of easy ways to create a blog, but no matter what type of blog you are writing, one thing remains the same—quality is key. Readers don’t expect perfection, but they do expect accuracy and good writing. Proofreading and editing are paramount for garnering the sort of traffic you want. Follow the five guidelines below, and make your blog one that attracts readers and keeps them coming back for more of the amazing content you have to offer.

1. Proofread, proofread, proofread

Proofreading is such a simple step. It’s so simple, in fact, that many people forget to do it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the genius surging from your fingertips that you hit the post button without rereading what you’ve written. However, despite the groundbreaking nature of your content, if your blog is plagued by typos and grammatical errors, no one will notice it. Instead, your comment box will become ground zero for bashing your inadequacies with the English language. Always reread your posts several times to ensure your writing is free of errors.

2. Let context be your guide

Sure, you might be the fastest quilter in the West, but if you sound like a junior high student when sharing your time-tested technique, people won’t take you seriously. Knowing how you want to be perceived will help with your tone so you can adapt it for specific audiences. Your blog represents your personality to the world. How do you want to be known, and are there things you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read? Whether you’re a business person or a rodeo clown, keeping your tone and content appropriate will strengthen the impact of your message. Edit out what doesn’t serve you well. Remember, anyone can read your blog.

3. Stick to the facts

The legitimacy of the information in your blog will make or break you. Granted, there are a number of humorous and creative blogs that take liberties with information for a greater purpose, but even then, readers are turned off by farfetched remarks not in line with what they know to be true. And if your blog is professional or directive, getting the facts straight is crucial. Blatant fabrications or exaggerations will only diminish your credibility, and in the cyber world, that reputation will follow you forever.

4. Keep it tight

Attention spans are short, and if you can’t get your point across concisely, it may never be seen. Why would someone choose to read a two-page post about turtles in Maui when a similar post is only two paragraphs long? Readers who see a lengthy entry on your blog will likely leave without ever reading one word. Keep it short, and keep ‘em coming.

5. Junk the junk

We could all drone on about our opinions or frustrations about the state of this or that, but if readers get lost in a sea of verbal ranting, then what is the point? You want your readers to hear everything you have to say and come back for more. Don’t bore them with every incidental detail or force them to wade through a barrage of tangents and afterthoughts. Unfocused babbling will cause your readers to lose interest. Clear out the junk, and stick to the point.

It’s not difficult to start a blog or generate traffic, but it does require skill to keep the traffic coming. Make your post readable and trustworthy. Make your voice clear and your reputation solid, and watch how the positive comments start to flow in.

If you want to spend more of your time writing, and less time editing, that’s OK! Submit your entry to Scribendi.com’s blog editing services. A second set of eyes is always helpful when it comes to catching errors. To learn more about blogging, check out Scribendi.com’s e-book How to Write a Blog.

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  1. Troy@Attorney Robert Reeves says:

    Great tips, especially #1. You never know how many grammar Nazis there are out there until you publicly misspell something! I think you got it all right, the most interesting blogs definitely follow your rules here.

  2. There are so many great blogs out there with great ideas and information but when I see spelling errors, ramblings or facts that aren’t true it’s easy to just go somewhere else. Which is too bad because ultimately that person probably has a good point in there somewhere.

    Moral of the story? There may be a delicious chewy nougat inside full of good information but if we can’t get passed the crusty outer layer we’ll just keep moving on.

    Nice Post,