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Writers are always looking for the best way to display their clips and samples – and I am no exception. While I firmly believe that you should maintain control by having a portfolio on your own domain, there’s nothing wrong with using another site as well, especially if it makes your stuff look really good. That’s the case with Contently. Just have a look at this screenshot of my writing portfolio – fabulous, isn’t it?

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Getting a Contently Writer Portfolio

So how can you get a portfolio like this? If you’re based in the US, visit the Contently writer signup page, select a username and then login with Facebook to get started. Then there are a couple more steps to getting your profile set up. Since my profile already exists, I was unable to go back and work through all the steps, but here are some of the crucial ones.

Step 3 is adding clips. There are two ways to do this. The first is to add them manually, either via inputting a URL or uploading a document from your computer. The URL clip addition is almost magical as if you use your author profile (and sometimes even if you don’t), the site will also find other articles you have written and prompt you to add them.

Add Clips   Contently

Sometimes the site pulls in an excerpt and a photo; at others you need to prompt it to do so. Still it works more often than not. It’s worth taking the time to add or edit the excerpt so the clip looks good on the final portfolio.

Add Clips Contently 2

Once you have added a publication, you can use the link to it on the right of the ‘add clips’ screen to navigate to it and see clips for review for that publication alone. You can click the heart when you add an item to mark it as a favorite and feature it on the main screen of your portfolio.

Step 4 is connecting your social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn). The point of doing this is that it adds some social proof to your portfolio.

Connect Your Accounts   Contently

Step 5 is adding a short bio and your website URL. If you are part of the Contently writer network you can also toggle your availability for work so editors can find you via the Contently system.

Biography   Contently

Becoming a Contently Writer

That brings me to the second part of the Contently offer: the Pro Writers Network. The site aims to streamline the process of getting content fro publishers and media companies – and that means work for writers.

Once you have a Contently portfolio you can apply to be part of the network. If you’re successful, you get access to writing opportunities. Usually what will happen is:

  • an editor will contact you to see if you want to write for a particular publication
  • you can check out the publication description, pay rate and details of the byline via the Contently system
  • if you agree, you either come up with pitches or choose from a list of available assignments
  • write and deliver on time
  • make changes as requested and review changes made by editors
  • once an article is accepted, you get paid immediately, even if it hasn’t gone live yet
  • withdraw your money anytime you like via Paypal.

From my own experience, I can say that the work on Contently is varied and interesting and well paid. I have a good working relationship with my various editors, too.

And on the portfolio side, not only can people navigate through your portfolio by clicking on the icons at the top to see clips from each publication, but those pages also appear in Google search listings, making it easy for others to find the work you have done for different publications.

Overall, I recommend the Contently site as a great addition to your writing portfolio options. Have you tried it yet?

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  1. okay, okay… I’ll create a portfolio there… geeze there’s so much to do isn’t there. You seem to manage really well.

    • It’s well worth the effort, Anne. I think it’s my curiosity about new web tools that leads me to trying things like Contently. It’s by far one of the best additions to my list of favorite tools.

  2. Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the great info, Sharon (per usual). 😉

    • Happy to help, Cathy – this would be a great tool for you.

      • I’m wondering if this is going to work for me, Sharon. I ghostwrite a ton of articles, so I cannot use those. Is this just for magazine publications? I guess it was a way to showcase some of my commercial client work, like white papers and case studies. But, when I look at the 1st page of the Portfolio, it’s asking only for publications.

        • If you have work you’re allowed to claim credit for, you can manually upload PDFs, Cathy, so that’s another option. And you can also include the bylined guest posts you have done on other sites.

  3. I signed up a few months ago but it was only US based back then and I’m in UAE. Not sure if that’s changed. I considered using my sister’s US address but wasn’t sure how ethical that was so I let it be.

    Have they included more countries Sharon?

  4. Fantastic portfolio! One of my favorite sections about Contently are the metrics (shares, amounts of words written, etc.), those are very useful. I cant wait to give this site a try.