The Radical Approach to Building a Guest Post Pitch (Part 2)

(Note. This is part 2 of the two-part series on building a guest post pitch… Building a guest post pitch the radical way, I should say. Make sure to check the first part before consuming this one to get the full picture: LINK. It’s also where we explain why this whole topic matters for freelance […]

Writer’s Giveaway: Win Free Domain Names with Namecheap!

Update: The winners have been drawn! Announcement to follow soon.  Are you an aspiring writer, in need of a website to promote yourself? If the answer is yes, then why not enter this competition for your chance to win some free domain names. Get Paid to Write Online has  teamed up with Namecheap to offer […]

New Rules for Online Writers: How Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update Changed the Game – Big Time!

Search giant Google rolled out its Penguin 2.0 algorithmic update on May 22nd of this year (2013). In my opinion, this was one of the biggest shakeups for online writers in a long time. Why? Because what have we heard over and over and over again since practically the beginning of the popularity of search-engine […]

Edit and Proofread Your Way to Blogging Success

Editing and proofreading your blog will help you get your message out clearly. Blogs have become popular outlets for getting ideas and thoughts into the public sector. Blogs are used for instruction, advice, marketing, and creative endeavors. There are a number of easy ways to create a blog, but no matter what type of blog […]

The Writing Biz: Six Lessons from Star Trek’s Mr. Spock

I loved Star Trek as a kid; I still do. So imagine my glee when this month’s Word Carnival had the theme Close Biz Encounters of the Sci-Fi Kind. My favorite character from the Original Series (and in fact any series) was Vulcan Science Officer Mr. Spock. He was a man of few words, often […]

Light Up the Brain: Create Fireworks With Your Writing [Infographic]

Whether you are a blogger, a copywriter, a marketing specialist or a songwriter, these interesting facts about writing and the brain in this infographic will intrigue you.  The most interesting of all is the idea that when we are listening to or reading a story, a whole range of areas within our brain light up […]