Promotion Is Free – Traffic Widgets

Today I’m going to talk about traffic widgets. These are little snippets of code that you put on your website, perhaps in your sidebar, to bring traffic to your site. This a free way to promote your site. There are dozens of traffic building widgets out there and I have tried quite a few. They all […]

Promotion Is Free – Social Networking

If you’re promoting yourself as a writer, then you can’t ignore social networking. The question is where to start and which sites to choose. I am not going to pretend that I could ever answer this question to everyone’s satisfaction, so instead I’ll tell you about the sites I use and how I use them. […]

Promotion Is Free – Joining The Blogosphere

In the first part of this series I suggested that writers start a blog as a virtual shop window for their writing services. If you’ve done that, then you are now part of the blogosphere, and there’s more to participating in it than simply having a blog. Blogging is all about conversations with your readers […]

Promotion Is Free – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another free self promotion technique that writers can use effectively. It’s also an excellent way of keeping track of your writing research, though I won’t say much about that here. If you’re interested I wrote a post on Why Writers Should Use Social Bookmarking which explains that function in more detail. So, […]

Promotion Is Free – Article Marketing

I can’t talk about promotion without mentioning one of my favorite ways to promote – through article marketing. I’ve heard people criticize it, but I have found it an effective and free way to promote my writing services. The only investment you need to get started is the time it takes you to write an […]

Promotion Is Free – Forums

Once you’ve got a virtual shop window for your writing services, it’s time to let people know it’s there. One effective way you can promote yourself is to use forums. There are thousands of forums on any topic you can imagine, so it won’t be hard to find one. As a writer, you can choose […]