Freelance Writing Questions: How To Bid Successfully

One of the mysteries for new freelance writers is how to bid for jobs. As a new writer, you often have no idea what to charge or what clients are looking for. Sure, you can write, but bidding is about selling yourself so you can get the chance to show your skills. I’ll say up […]

Freelance Writing Questions: Avoiding Scams

Give me my money! That’s what most freelancers want to say when they have done a piece of work but have not been paid. When you freelance, there’s always the chance that you might fall victim to a seasoned scammer – there are lots of them about. Three Freelance Writing Scams Here are some of […]

Freelance Writing Questions: Starting Out In Freelance Writing

Why aren’t you writing yet? A lot of people dream of starting a freelance writing career, but never get around to doing it. One of the reasons is that they fall in love with the dream of writing, but find the reality hard to achieve. So what’s the first thing you should do if you […]

Freelance Writing Questions: Dealing With Difficulties

Catherine asks What did you find most difficult when you first began freelancing? And how did you overcome that difficulty? When I went freelance, I faced two issues. One was a lack of contacts. The other was a lack of recent clips. While I’d been lecturing, I’d done the occasional freelance piece, but since I […]

Freelance Writing Questions: Creating A Writing Business

If you’re going to write for a living, then you need to put your writing life on a business footing. That doesn’t mean giving up the pleasure of writing; it just means that you need to take it seriously and get others to do the same. So how do you transform your writing from a […]

Freelance Writing Questions: Going Back To A Job

Here’s another in the series of questions on freelancing. Rachel asked me: Do you ever think about going back to being an employee? She also asked about the benefits of freelancing. While the benefits are different for different people, here’s what I get from freelancing: I work for myself. That means I don’t have to […]