How To (almost) Painlessly Self-Publish on Kindle

Ready to self-publish on Kindle? This guest post from Richard McMunn walks you through the steps you need for success. Step 1- Write A Book Worth Reading With the growth of the e-reader market, the barriers to getting your material published have essentially vanished. The actual process of submitting your work for publication via Kindle […]

Authopublisher Review

Authopublisher first came to my attention last year when owner Ivin Viljoen commented on Get Paid to Write Online and then offered a guest post. Since then he’s become an occasional contributor, so when he asked me to review the site, I was happy to oblige (with the proviso that I could give my unbiased […]

Self Promo for Freelance Writers – More Tips and Analysis Advice

We’ve talked in the past about marketing and how important it is to your freelance writing biz. By marketing on an ongoing basis, you might not have to suffer from work shortages and won’t have to pound the pavement constantly looking to schedule in your next gig. The work can come to you.  Once you’ve […]

The Ebook Has Landed!

I’ve been talking for months about my new free ebook, Getting Started in Blogging, and finally it’s here! Newsletter subscribers got a sneak peek last week, but now I’m launching it formally. Everyone’s got to start somewhere with blogging and that’s how this ebook came about. It was based on a series of posts targeting […]

An Ebook In 20 Minutes With Zinepal

I created an ebook/ezine in about 20 minutes today – and I did it using Zinepal. This handy online tool (which you can try without even signing up) allows you to pull together recent posts from your blog (via the RSS feed) or from any web page to create an ezine. You can download this […]

Want To Publish Your Ebook?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ebook publishing recently, so it was a moment of serendipity when I happened to talk to one of the writers I work with, only to learn that he’d just started an ebook publishing company. Co-founder Garry Pierrepoint says that Ebook Library will ‘revolutionise the way online books are marketed, […]