Interview with Writer Jenn Miller

I first met fellow writer and travel aficionado Jenn Miller when we worked together at the Location Independent group of sites. Now, she’s written a book (with co-author Keri Wellman) about traveling with kids, titled Bottles to Backpacks:  The Gypsy Mama’s Guide to Real Travel with Kids. I asked Jenn about the book and her […]

How Much Of A Location Independent Writer Are You?

Last week, Claire van den Heever guest posted here on Get Paid To Write Online about being a location independent writer (if you haven’t checked this post out yet, I strongly recommend that you do – it’s a great read). Up until reading Claire’s post, I didn’t really consider myself a location independent writer.  However, […]

Location Independent Writer In Body, Not Mind

I had, for the first time, undertaken to work as a location independent writer. Arriving in India gave me my first taste of what would become a perpetual dilemma. I had imagined gloating about earning a living against such magnificent backdrops as the Himalayas, or while soaking up the contagious energy of a city like Bangkok. In reality, I was to discover, my writing would rarely benefit from an appreciation of my location.

Keeping Up With Your Work On The Road

by Andy Hayes You may have heard all about the latest trend of becoming a Location Independent writer. It seems great – and in fact, it is – being able to work wherever you want. But even if you aren’t cutting ties and taking your writing business on the road, there may be times when […]

Location Independent Blog Carnival #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Location Independent Blog Carnival. Each month the carnival is hosted by a different blog in the location independent community.  The editor reviews the submissions and publishes the best of them in a roundup post. Submit your articles here for a chance to be featured in the next edition. […]

Ten Reasons To Live The Nomadic Lifestyle

The results of the survey on lifestyle design by Free Pursuits and Location Independent are in – and I’ve found them fascinating. Here are ten reasons that writers and others were inspired to make the move. 1. Spending time with family and travelling 2. Boredom and the need for diversity 3. Unhappinhess with employment 4. […]