How to Write a Compelling Business Leaflet

When you work online, the temptation is to only promote there, but a business leaflet can help you market your services both online and offline. Here’s more advice from Kes of How to Write a Compelling Business Leaflet A well-crafted business leaflet is a powerful marketing tool. Bad business leaflets are worth less than nothing […]

Writing Techniques – Sometimes Less is More

Finding your own creative process It has taken me some years and a lot of tweaking to work out my own ‘creative’ process when it comes to writing. Tweaking seems to be, rather unfortunately, a big part of it. Depending on what I’m writing – poetry, a novel or the all-important paid stuff like online copywriting, […]

How to Learn a New Freelance Writing Skill

It’s great to specialise in specific writing areas or genres. A lot of writing blogs will tell you that you need a niche. (I’ve said it myself!) It helps you get good, get fast, and command higher rates. But at times it can be good to add a new skill to your repertoire, too. Offering […]

10 Most Common Writing Mistakes

When writing for an audience, there are few more embarrassing things to discover after submitting your work than a mistake, or worse yet, mistakes in your submission. Not only are they embarrassing, but your mistakes could cost you future work with the publisher or diminish your credibility in the eyes of your readers. To avoid […]

Stuck on a Freelance Writing Assignment? Don’t Know What to Write About?

Ever feel like you’re stuck with a writing assignment? If you’re getting paid to write for a client and you haven’t a clue what to write about, you’re not alone.

What Exactly Is A Rewrite?

Rewriting – love it or hate it, it’s part of the job of many web content writers. A typical situation is that a client asks you to write a series of articles for a particular purpose, such as to publish them on a website. At the same time, the client asks you to rewrite those […]