Getting into Character for Ghostblogging

Ghostbloggers need to have more than writing abilities. They’ll also need some acting abilities if they’re going to be successful at taking on the (writing) voice of someone else.

The Inside Scoop On Ghostwriting

It’s not often you get to find out all about ghostwriting from an industry veteran, but that’s just what The Secret World of Ghostwriters: And How to Work With One offers. The book aims to demystify the profession for writing clients, by telling them exactly what ghostwriters can do for them. It offers 120 pages […]

Men With Pens Review

Men with Pens is one of my favorite new blogs. It’s the successor to the Web Content Copywriting blog which I mentioned last year. Run by James Chartrand and Harry McCLeod, this is a writing blog with a difference. These guys really know how to write unique blog posts. It’s refreshing to read new perspectives […]

Writing Talk February 2008

The people who visit and comment on this site (5,000+ of you), come from places all over the world. Most of you are from the US, UK and Canada, but there are also quite a few from the other side of the globe, as the map shows: I appreciate your visits and your comments. Here’s […]

I, Ghost Blogger

Someone asked me the other day about ghost blogging. She wanted to know about what it was and how to get started in it. Here are my answers. Ghost blogging is like ghostwriting. While ghostwriting is writing where you get no credit or byline, ghost blogging is blogging where you get no credit or byline. […]

How To Create A Writing Portfolio

As a freelance writer, one of the best ways to attract new writing work is to show off examples of work you’ve already done. When I started out in journalism, that meant rigorously collecting copies of every newspaper, newsletter, journal or magazine in which I had a bylined piece (and even, in the early days, […]