8 Ways Freelance Writers Are Leaving Money on the Table

by Marcie Hill Most freelance writers are creative beings, not business people, which means we tend to only charge for the actual writing of projects – the part we love most, without fully considering all aspects of completing the project. Unfortunately, we are leaving a lot of money on the table – literally and figuratively. […]

Domain Name Prize Draw – Winners!

The Get Paid to Write Online Namecheap Domain Name Giveaway (isn’t that a mouthful!) is now closed and we have winners. Drumroll, please: The first prize of 3 domain names (.com/.net/.org) goes to Nick Armstrong. The runner-up prizes of 1 domain name each go to Molly McCowan and Steven J Fromm. Look out for an email […]

The Radical Approach to Building a Guest Post Pitch (Part 1)

Okay, okay, I know, the topic of pitching a guest post has been beaten down so much on the web…so so much that you’re probably thinking “Oh boy! Here we go again.” But I’ve got something unique for you today. First of all, what does it have to do with getting paid to write? Maybe […]

Get Paid to Write Online in 2013

Tis the season to do roundups – so here’s my roundup of what’s happened on Get Paid to Write Online in 2013. Where was everybody? The image shows the distribution of Get Paid to Write Online’s readership – mostly in the US, with quite a few in the UK and India. Most commented posts published […]

How to Get the Writing Pay You Deserve

Your writing is worth something to the people you write for. Take that as read. Yet a lot of writers don’t get the pay they deserve for the value they bring. I’m not just talking about new writers, but about experienced writers too. And I’m including myself – I could have earned a lot more […]