Dissecting My Slideshare Obsession

Here’s one of my favorite writer peeps and guest posters, Cathy Miller, who has been rocking Slideshare this year. I asked her to share her process here. I admit it. I am a Slideshare junkie. It’s a fairly new addiction, but one I am happy to have. When Sharon asked me to write a guest […]

A Freelancer’s Three-Step Guide To Airtight Organization

Unlike office workers, freelancers are mostly left to their own devices. While this provides many liberties that office workers don’t get, it also means having fewer set processes in place. Unfortunately for freelancers, a lack of processes can lead to a huge, disorganized mess. It’s not uncommon for freelancers, especially new ones, to fall into perilous […]

3 Steps To The Perfect Writing Pitch

One of the things I struggled with most when I first started writing was pitching to potential clients. In fact, it was something that caused me more than a few headaches for many years. I think a lot of it was there are no set guidelines. One writer’s approach will be different to another’s and […]

How Important Do You Consider The Titles Of Your Pieces To Be?

We all know – to the extent that it’s a little cliché now – that content is king.  Every single word you write in your blog post, press release or e-mail can have an impact on the person reading it.  From the opening sentence to the closing paragraph, get it right and you’ll see people doing […]

How To Write A Blog Post That’s Going To Attract Visitors And Keep Them Reading

Looking at my last blog post, it seemed like it helped a lot of writers and I want to hopefully do that again today. It might seem like something that’s particularly simple, straightforward and / or obvious to some, but I want to give an insight into how to write a great blog post.  One that’s […]