Get Paid to Blog with Plum Deluxe

This paid to blog opportunity came in by email from Andy Hayes (contact details below). I’m posting it here in case you’re interested – Sharon Tired of reading endless amounts of generic blog posts all full of the same “tips?”   Rather get involved with a website that talks about a more holistic approach to, well, […]

Advice on Charging for Writing Blog Posts

One of the issues writers always struggle with is what to charge for their writing. Here’s how I advised a friend recently. She was contacted by someone asking her to guest post for a set fee and wanted to know how to respond to them, as the money didn’t seem huge but she wanted to […]

Doing Writing Gigs For Fun

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, by now you will know that I’ve landed a gig writing occasionally for the Quips and Tips blog network.  This writing gig was a gift to myself and although it’s a paid blogging gig, the reasons I wanted to do it had very little to do […]

GhostBlogging – 5 Tips to Help You Be A Great Ghostblogger for Your Clients

Ghostblogging is a great way to get paid to write. As I’ve said before, blogging is how I got my own start in freelance writing and a good portion of my income today comes from blog writing, posting, and the marketing of client’s blogs. People and companies pay writers to write for their blogs and […]

Ad Revenue Share Is NOT A Paid Blogging Job

I am a professional blogger and writer, so pay me in cash. Pay me by Paypal, wire transfer, direct credit or even e-cheque, as long as I get paid for my work. Why do I feel the need to say this? Because I applied for a blogging job today. The ad stated that it was a paid […]

Setting Blog Posting Rates

4 Guidelines for Setting Blog Posting Rates is the latest in a series of quality articles from Yuwanda Black of Inkwell Editorial. I’m not just saying that because she interviewed me recently. In fact, this article answers what everyone who’s hoping to get paid to blog wants to know. What do most people charge for […]