Get Paid to Blog with Plum Deluxe

This paid to blog opportunity came in by email from Andy Hayes (contact details below). I’m posting it here in case you’re interested – Sharon Tired of reading endless amounts of generic blog posts all full of the same “tips?”   Rather get involved with a website that talks about a more holistic approach to, well, […]

Advice on Charging for Writing Blog Posts

One of the issues writers always struggle with is what to charge for their writing. Here’s how I advised a friend recently. She was contacted by someone asking her to guest post for a set fee and wanted to know how to respond to them, as the money didn’t seem huge but she wanted to […]

Doing Writing Gigs For Fun

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, by now you will know that I’ve landed a gig writing occasionally for the Quips and Tips blog network.  This writing gig was a gift to myself and although it’s a paid blogging gig, the reasons I wanted to do it had very little to do […]

GhostBlogging – 5 Tips to Help You Be A Great Ghostblogger for Your Clients

Ghostblogging is a great way to get paid to write. As I’ve said before, blogging is how I got my own start in freelance writing and a good portion of my income today comes from blog writing, posting, and the marketing of client’s blogs. People and companies pay writers to write for their blogs and […]

Ad Revenue Share Is NOT A Paid Blogging Job

I am a professional blogger and writer, so pay me in cash. Pay me by Paypal, wire transfer, direct credit or even e-cheque, as long as I get paid for my work. Why do I feel the need to say this? Because I applied for a blogging job today. The ad stated that it was a paid […]