Five Fatal Flaws that are Killing Your Writing Business

What stops your writing business from being successful? Start a discussion with any group of writers and the same topics come up over and over again. That’s why this month’s Word Carnival is so timely, inviting me to Vanquish that Nemesis – identify the things that get in the way of small business success and […]

Advice on Charging for Writing Blog Posts

One of the issues writers always struggle with is what to charge for their writing. Here’s how I advised a friend recently. She was contacted by someone asking her to guest post for a set fee and wanted to know how to respond to them, as the money didn’t seem huge but she wanted to […]

The Revenge of the Concise Writer

It’s taken years, but the world has come round to the type of writing I like to do. When I was in high school and university, my teachers were unimpressed by the brevity of my essays. As a language student (English, French, Spanish) I had to write lots of essays, but invariably I’d be marked […]

Writing Business Lessons From The Guttering Guy

Writing business lessons turn up in the strangest places. Here’s what I learned from the guttering guy about landing and retaining new clients.

Declutter To Improve Writing Productivity

Sometimes your online life can be far too cluttered and it can get in the way of writing productivity. I’m feeling a bit like that now. In part, it’s my own fault, because I love trying out shiny new web stuff and have to do it for one of my blogging gigs. But that means […]

7 Steps To Leaving Those Low Paying Writing Gigs Behind

I enjoy helping other people.  I don’t get chance to help others as much as I would like to, but I received such a large amount of help when I was first starting out as a freelance writer that I try to give back as much and as often as I can. I’m pleased to […]