Light Up the Brain: Create Fireworks With Your Writing [Infographic]

Whether you are a blogger, a copywriter, a marketing specialist or a songwriter, these interesting facts about writing and the brain in this infographic will intrigue you.  The most interesting of all is the idea that when we are listening to or reading a story, a whole range of areas within our brain light up as if they would if we were actually experiencing the events in the story.

This gives us insight into why stories are so much more memorable than simple bullet point information, as they actually activate much more of the brain. It also sheds some light on why we are so drawn to metaphors with descriptive and sensual language, as our brain reacts like we are actually experiencing them. It also provides a scientific reason why humankind has used stories to inspire, educate, move and even brainwash each other for hundreds and hundreds of years.

To find out more about writing, reading and the brain, check out this interesting infographic. It reveals several interesting facts and studies about how the human brain behaves when writing and reading. The information inside is especially valuable to writers, as it helps us to identify why stories are powerful and how they affect the brains of our readers. The more we know about the minds of our readers, the more effective, persuasive and evocative our writing can become.

Light Up the Brain: Create Fireworks With Your Writing

When guest blogging, Ian Arnison-Phillips believes that story-telling is one technique which engages with the reader in many different ways and allows the brain to interpret the information in many different ways.

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