Blogitive: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Blogitive was the first paid to blog program I used, so it’s a good place to kick off my series of reviews. I signed up with Blogitive about 15 months ago and the honeymoon period was great. In the early stages, Blogitive would provide a link and you could write about anything you liked as long as you included the link at some point. I wrote some poetry and satire inspired by the sponsored links and it was fun. The fact that I got paid $5 a link was a bonus. That was the good bit. They had plenty of opportunities and I made hundreds before the bubble burst.

Then Blogitive started to change. First, you had to write your post based on a web release – less creativity. Then you had to write two short posts in between each sponsored one, which was still worth the same $5. In my opinion, that was the bad, because with the number of blogs I had, having to write four posts to earn from two Blogitive posts was hard work. That’s only my view, though; lots of my friends still use Blogitive and are very happy.

And now for the ugly. Once they had a few more bloggers on board, they got choosy about which blogs they would accept. That I don’t mind (up to a point). What annoyed me is the way they did it. One day I logged in to find that four of my blogs had been booted. They were only accepting self hosted blogs and no blogs on blogging communities. They actually booted one of my self hosted blogs by mistake. I added it again, they booted it again, and I have decided just to let it go.

They have also set up a number of new services, such as directory listings for your blog. Apparently my Writing Lab blog doesn’t make the cut, but no one has told me why. I still have a Blogitive account, but with one blog there, it’s just not worth it anymore.

Blogitive was a great place to get started with paid posting, but there are many others who now do it better. If you have self hosted blogs and don’t mind cutting and pasting to meet the two posts between each post rule, then it might be right for you. The money can add up pretty quickly. However, watch this space. I’ll be telling you about some of the other sources that I use – and many of them are much more blogger friendly.

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  1. I became a member of Blogitive before they even had a website – the owner was sending me blog links via email. It’s a shame that they’ve changed so much. My Blogger blogs are still in the system but I think it’s been ages since there have been any offers for them. I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

  2. I’m disappointed with how they turned out, Katherine, and don’t do any posts for them now. It was good at the start when you could be creative.

  3. I definitely feel the same way. In fact, I don’t do any posts for any of these anymore – they used to be fun when you could be creative with them but I think those days are gone.

  4. I’ve never heard of this particular site, so it’s good that you’ve flagged it as a little frustrating.

    Thanks for your honesty.

  5. There lots of sites out there that are in fact…well, I won’t mention it. And I think Blogitive is one of them – they give very ridiculous conditions for every post. Secondly, they take ages to respond to a simple query.I have now left them and only blog once in a while for money – and of course, should be $15 or more.