Best Writing Contests – Open Thread

A friend recently asked me where to search online for writing competitions and contests. I realized that I don’t have a list of those anywhere, just finding them as I go. Last year, I identified some cool travel writing contests, but I think it’s time to put together a proper list. Here are a few resources to get us started. Will you help me by adding your resources for finding writing contests in the comments?

What would you add?

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  1. Well, since you ask. :)

    Although full details won’t be available until Aug 31, there will be a writing prompt contest on my blog, Suess’s Pieces, during Writers’ Week (September 12-16). Preliminary info can be found here:

    More details forthcoming!
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  2. Thanks for creating this list Sharon. I’ve been thinking about indulging my creative side, and these contests offer some good opportunities.
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    • Happy to help, John. I’ve been thinking about putting this together, and my friend’s email gave me a much needed kick in the pants! :) I hope we’ll have a few more to add by the end of the day (and I’ll also keep searching and updating).

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much for taking time to pull this together. As Andy and Gera can say … “This is awesome sauce!” :)

    I’ve passed the link to your post along and will share it via social media channels. I like how you’ve left it open to add new contests.

    Although I don’t have any contests to add, I have recently begun participating in a creative writing site that might be useful if people want a place to practice sharing their creative voices before entering contests. :)
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  4. Hi Sharon:

    Mary Ann Hahn manages that lists writing contests for all genres (besides other writing news). I have her in my RSS feed.

    I keep saying I’m going to enter some contests, but somehow I just don’t find the time. I know you don’t know ANYTHING about that kind of thing, Sharon. 😀
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  5. Sunshine says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I planned to join in writing contests but I really have no time at this point. I’ll keep your links here so that I’ll use it for the future. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  6. Leah Petersen runs a weekly Flash Fiction contest on her site.
    Sometimes, the judges offer a prize :)


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  7. Annette Young says:

    We try to provide two writing competitions a month here at the Creative Competitor. The winning submission is published on our site but there are also some great cash prizes. Open to writers everywhere. We run free to enter competitions as well.