The Best Free Apps For Writers

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Best Free Apps For Writers

The Best Free Apps For Writers

by Shuchi Singh Kalra

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have come so far into the digital era that writing with a pen and paper seems oddly romantic and other-worldly. Today, apps and online tools have made writing a cinch, not to mention so much more systematic and fun. Many writers who once resisted technology have finally succumbed to the newer way of doing things and are they glad or what! Here, I’ve picked out some apps and tools that don’t cost a penny but make your writing life a lot easier. Even if you are a technophobe, I would suggest you these a try.

Google Drive

This one is basic – and God sent! External hard drives are slowly going the way of the floppy disc and cloud computing is the new cool kid in town. Never again will you have to worry about losing your data to a computer crash or a technological glitch. I recently backed up all that I had on my laptop and storage devices and I have been sleeping better ever since.

You get 5 GB of storage space free and the service automatically syncs any changes that you make to documents on your PC. I found the interface extremely clean and simple to use, and you can access your documents from anywhere in the world. Microsoft SkyDrive offers 7 GB of free storage space but I haven’t checked it out yet. Other similar services include Dropbox and Apple iCloud. You can compare features and prices here.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

It is hard for a writer to imagine a life without a handy dictionary and thesaurus because it often takes just one right word to kick that stubborn writer’s block in the butt. This iPad app goes everywhere with you like a loyal pooch and you can use it offline too. Even when you are not actively writing, you can play around with it and build your vocabulary. Very useful, this.


I started working on a fiction novel a couple of months ago and that’s when I chanced across this amazing tool called YWriter. Anyone who has attempted to pen a novel will know how intimidating and confusing it can get after a couple of chapters. YWriter helps you flesh out your characters and locations, sketch a story outline, organize chapters and scenes and do a lot more. Anything that brings you closer to your novel writing dream is certainly worth a try, isn’t it?


As writers, we never know when the next brilliant idea will unfold – it may be something inspirational that you saw or read, or just a random brainwave. Evernote lets you make a quick note of your thoughts and pack them away in an organized format for later use. Make to-do lists, jot down your ideas in a text format, or take screenshots and pictures for reference. The app helps you stack your notes under various categories so that they are quickly and easily retrievable. I love it more because it is not snobbish like a lot of other apps and works on practically every device.


There are deadlines to be met, blogs to be updated, emails to be drafted and invoices to be sent. So how does you little writer-brain keep track of the craziness? Most of us cannot afford a PA but we can do the next best thing – get a free app to send us a text reminder or email just before the due date. I tend to be unbelievably absent-minded on busy days and I still wonder how I survived until this one came along. ToodleDo, Remember the Milk and Google Calendar are other apps that help you organize all your tasks in one place and create to-do lists.

Shuchi Singh Kalra has been writing professionally for over 7 years. From start-ups to corporates and publishing houses to popular magazines, she has a diverse repertoire of clients in her kitty. Shuchi is also the founder of Pixie Dust Writing Studio, a quaint little writing and editing firm that services a global clientele. She also enjoys mentoring and connecting with other writers through the Indian Freelance Writers Blog. Pay her a visit at (Image: avrdreamer)

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  1. This apps really look very helpful and a great asset for a writer like me. 😉 Thinking I should at least get couple of them to show others that I am not just wasting my time on the blogs but I am a writer. Feeling proud to say this.

  2. Good suggestions, thank you. I use DropBox and Evernote-though I think i’ve barely tapped the potential of Evernote.
    It’s always fun to hear what others are using.

  3. Okay, I downloaded ywriter… maybe I’ll even use it… thanks