About Dan Smith

Dan Smith is a seasoned freelance writer, currently working as the SEO Specialist for digital media agency Zine.  With a strong focus on developing strategies that are based heavily on high quality content, Dan always has one eye on the customer experience and has a distinct (dis)ability of being unable to say no.

How Much SEO Knowledge Do You Need To Write SEO Copy?

Just over seven months ago, I wrote my last regular blog post for GetPaidToWriteOnline.com, after a two and a half year stint as a regular contributor.  Since then, I’ve stayed in contact with Sharon and simply put, I can’t stay away any longer! [Editor’s note: and we’re happy to have you back, Dan!] I’m not […]

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Nearly three years after I first started writing for GetPaidToWriteOnline.com, I’ve recently decided to stop, for a whole array of different reasons. Before I explain why I’m leaving, I firstly want to say it wasn’t an easy decision to make. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of taking a step back for several months […]

Kick-Start Your Freelance Writing Career By Writing For Yourself

This week, I started work again on a blog I first launched over three years ago.  At that point, I was really starting to take my freelance writing career seriously and I wanted a place where I could write regularly, as well as a resource that would have an array of different benefits, such as […]

The Shoe’s On The Other Foot – What Do I Look For In Freelance Writers?

It hit me the other day that I’ve basically exceeded all plans, ideas, goals, expectations – whatever you want to call them – about my freelance writing career. Having fallen into the industry several years ago, I’ve continually developed. Reading an excessive amount of blogs, taking as much advice as I could get and ensuring […]

The Versatility Of Freelance Writing – The Key To Your Success

When I first started writing, I simply wanted to do it because I loved writing.  Getting paid for it was just a plus! The more I started writing, the more I realised there were numerous benefits, as well as several different aspects and features that can be utilised to take my career in whichever direction […]

A Freelance Writing Career Offers Immense Flexibility, So Why Are You Still Working 9 To 5?

One of the key reasons I worked my backside off for several years to work full time freelance was because of the flexibility it offered. Admittedly, when I did go full time freelance I wasn’t doing so just as a writer, but no matter how much my role changed, my reason for still wanting to […]